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About psychotherapy

Psychotherapy should be a safe, confidential and regular space in which to talk about feelings, experiences and difficulties, with a therapist you have developed a trusting therapeutic relationship with over time. Understanding how past experiences and relationships can impact on current difficulties can help a person better cope in the future.

Things psychotherapy may help with

Therapy can help with a number of issues, such as trauma, loss, bereavement, relationship difficulties, body image issues and eating distress, addiction and many other issues. I use Attachment Theory and relational psychoanalysis to inform most aspects of practice in therapy.


The location of my practice is in the Southbourne area of Bournemouth, near to Pokesdown railway station and Kings Park. The location is very good for public transport links/buses along Christchurch Road and trains to and from Pokesdown. There is parking available in the nearby residential streets and amenities.

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A nice, quiet, light and comfortable place to talk. I am currently available in the evenings and daytime.

My Biography

Kate Brown is a Bowlby Centre trained UKCP registered Attachment based psychoanalytic psychotherapist who started her career in therapeutic communities working with adults with a variety of mental health difficulties, and with adolescents individually and in groups. She has worked with young mothers and in mainstream community psychiatric services with patients' families. She has also provided time limited therapy with former servicemen who had experienced complex trauma. She teaches at the Bowlby Centre and has also delivered freelance training. Kate completed an MSc in psychotherapeutic approaches in mental health in 2012. Kate is a member of the Attachment journal group, former chair of the clinical forum at the Bowlby Centre and PhD candigate at Middlesex University psychoanalysis department in the history of the therapeutic community movement and the treatment of trauma. Kate is in private practice in Bournemouth.

Contact Details

Please send a quick email or leave a short voicemail, but do not include any sensitive personal details. k b (at) talk therapy (one word) dot net

telephone (UK mobile) 07398900506

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